Building a simple homemade sandbag is straightforward stuff, but not the sort that you can throw in movements such as sandbag cleans pictured below.

To build the best sandbag for throwing as well as strength training, a few steps are in order.

Step 1-  Assemble your materials:

  • #50 sand tube from your local hardware store
  • 1 Husky brand contractor garbage bag
  • 2 Zip Ties
  • 1 Roll of Duct Tape
  • 1 Roll of Fiber Fix 10x Tape
  • 1 Box Cutter
  • Scale

Turn the bag upside down and cut the bottom off of the bag.  Pro Tip-  Always cut off those corners lest your bag has ears like this:

Remove scoops or coffee cups of sand until you reach the desired weight.

Zip tie both ends of the bag and cut off excess bag material from above the tie.

Wrap it up:

  • Begin with a single layer of coverage of the entire bag with the normal silver duct tape
  • Roll the sand bag in the Husky Contractor Garbage Bag
  • Apply a second layer of silver duct tape.
  • This is all that is needed for a normal bag that you don’t plan to throw or drop
  • For a sandbag that will hold up to throws, cleans, and drops, apply a layer of Fiber Fix 10x fiber tape.
  • Top it off with a couple stripes of silver for style


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