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Lower Back Pain

When we built this clinic we sought out the most effective equipment and techniques to help even the most difficult and stubborn cases of lower back pain.  Many people suffer from repeated compression of the lower back resulting in episodes of moderate to severe pain.  This compression can occur over time as the result of postural stress or acutely as the result of lifting an object awkwardly.  Many strength athletes that I know compress their spines with very large weights.  They do this for fun five times per week or more.

Our treatment of lower back pain is determined by a physical exam and tailored to the individual.  Every lower back doesn’t get the same treatment.  Depending on the source of the pain (muscle, tendon, joint, disc etc.)  We design a potent treatment plan designed to get results that you can feel and to get those results as rapidly as possible.

The different modalities that we employ for lower back pain include:

  • massage
  • chiropractic adjusting
  • acupuncture
  • spinal decompression/spinal traction
  • reverse hyperextension
  • graston technique
  • kinesiotaping
  • stability exercises
  • activity modification (posture or technique if a lift is causing the pain)