IV Therapies are now available in West Seattle.

Dr. Lauren Procopio, ND your West Seattle IV therapy expert


Dr Procopio ND was the Bastyr Center for Natural Health IV Therapy Clinical Supervisor from 2014-2018.  We are expanding her offerings to some amazing new options.

IV nutritional therapy and peptide therapies are booming in places like Los Angeles where Hollywood types never appear to show the normal signs of functional or cosmetic ageing. These therapies offer a powerful toolkit in the world of healing, skin care and anti-oxidation.

It has not been easy to find Peptide or IV therapies in the Seattle area, so we are very fortunate to have Dr. Procopio on staff. Dr. Lauren has vast experience in the manual administration of these therapies and importantly in the clinical understanding of organizing the sequence and combination of these treatments to maximize results.

Available IV and Peptide Therapies and associated benefits include:

IV therapies:

  • Immune Boost   $225

    • (multivitamin sufficiency with vitamin C, zinc, Bs, D3 etc.

  • Energy Hero  $350

    • (multivitamin sufficiency plus 250mg NAD+ and L-carnitine)

  • Detox Support    $275

    • multivitamin with glutathione and taurine

  • Sports Recovery    $275

    • multivitamin with extra magnesium and amino acids

  • Energy Shot--B12/B complex shots.
  • Anti-Aging/ Reduction of oxidative stress- Glutathione
  • Metabolic Health- NAD+

How to choose which is best for you? Most people would want every single benefit on the list, but you cannot just add all the ingredients in to one large bag. People usually go from one to another hoping to get a little bit of everything. Here we have the time and ability to implement a monitored sequential administration of these therapies in an organized fashion for maximum impact and improvement.

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