Tension Headache

When we help someone with a problem or injury, we turn them loose and see them periodically when something “comes up.”  The result is that we have a whole crop of people who drop in the clinic not because they are undergoing a treatment plan but because they feel a headache coming on and they’ve learned from experience that if they come in for a cervical adjustment, the pain never materializes. 

This isn’t chiropractic voodoo.  A cervical adjustment that stops a headache in its tracks is the result of a simple biomechanical relationship.  Your suboccipital muscles which originate on C1-C2 insert into the base of your skull at a place called the occiput.  When these muscles undergo sustained tension and spasm the result is a large amount of cranial pressure and a headache.  The adjustment releases the movement of the C1-2 levels and relieves this tension and spasm.