Upper back tension

For many people, upper back discomfort has become as much a part of modern life as the daily commute.  Everything from time at a computer to driving a car pushes the body into an unnaturally flexed position that builds up over time.  For some people this manifests as tight shoulders when stressed out.  For athletes this flexed posture puts the shoulder joints at risk when attempting overhead pressing and olympic lifts.  At Sports Medicine Northwest, postural correction is a major component of treatment for this presentation.

That doesn’t mean that I tell my patients to “sit up straight.”  If that worked I would say it all day but it doesn’t.  Life happens and forced posture goes out the window.   Instead I teach them specific strengthening exercises and how to get the most out of those micro breaks that you take throughout the day as the tension builds.  One of my favorite examples is The Brugger Releif Position.