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Strength as Medicine

Strength as Medicine is a high intensity approach to Therapeutic Exercise and injury rehab that is unique to Sports Medicine Northwest.

In Strength as Medicine (SAM) you work one on one with a Corrective Strength Specialist in a demanding 30 minute session.  Think kettlebells, barbells, balance and bodyweight challenges.  The SAM program feels more similar to a CrossFit class than a traditional Chiro session.  The SAM program works because it is designed for you by your chiropractor after a thorough history and functional assessement.  This program exposes the weak spots in your movement patterns.  The result is a faster recovery time and improved durability moving forward.

Who is Strength as Medicine For?

  • Lifters
  • CrossFiters
  • Athletes
  • Non Athletes
  • Adults
  • Kids
  • Humans

This program is suited for anyone who wants to move better with less pain.  For the experienced athlete, that means dialing in the detail of form and technique.  It means having your weaknesses exposed and challenged under the watchful eye of a specialist.

For the novice this is an incredible opportunity to take ownership of your fundamental human movement patterns.  Learn how to squat and rise efficiently, how to lift objects from the ground without risking injury, and reinforce those motions with repetition and strength.  Squatting, hinging and reaching overhead, these movements are not just for athletes.  They are part of your daily life.


Here is our Director of Corrective Strength, Zach Filer working through some new compound movements in the Strength as Medicine Studio: