Chiropractic for Brazilian Jiu Jitsu

Sports Medicine Northwest is the official sports medicine team of Ivan Salaverry MMA in South Lake Union Seattle.  We work with the fiighters and competitors during their 8 week Fight Camp leading to their competition or event.  The way we use chiropractic for brazilian jiu jitsu and mma competitors is unique in our field.  After working with the MMA and BJJ communities for years, we are familiar with the patterns that develop in the fighting body.  BJJ players are never flat on their back.  They flex their spine to protect their necks, they keep their elbows tight the body to prevent giving up an underhook.  The natural result fo this defensive position resembles a curled fetal position.  (See picture of the guy in black below)


Our job as a staff is to correct any biomechanical imbalances that prevent our athlete from healing quickly and building durabilty.  To create balance and maintain joint stability in the brazilian jiu jitsu athlete, the practitioner must know how to passively and actively work the athlete’s shoulders through horizontal abduction, the middle back through extension.  We accomplish this with chiropractic adjustments but also through decompression tables, graston technique, sports massage and corrective exercises.


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Dr. Skylar Pond is a sports medicine chiropractor in Seattle, Washington.