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Dr. Pond featured on @ CF West Regionals

It was a good weekend of gritty work and unexpected results. We held a top 10 spot all three days keeping us in the championship heat for all seven events. We had a plan and when our bodies broke down, we didn’t. We helped each other up and kept grinding. This was my 6th trip to the CrossFit Regionals and it is that human element that has made this the year’s run the one that I am most proud of.
While there, the good people at CrossFit Football sponsored the team with some free swag securing my “volunteer professional athlete” status for another season. We even made the site! Which is awesome.

Come catch the CFFB peeps at their upcoming “How to Build a POWER ATHLETE” Seminar here at Northwest Strength and Performance June 13th and 14th. More info HERE.

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