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The Double Kettlebell Turkish Get-Up

This racked version of the double kettlebell turkish get-up takes the mobility and stability demands off of the shoulders and places it instead on the hips. That makes this an accessible transition for those with limited shoulder flexion mobility. If you have difficulty with this movement, it is likely because you lack the capacity for internal rotation at the hip. Try warming up with the Tactical Frog mobility the hockey stretch mobility before hand for greater range of motion in the transition. Balancing out your internal/external active range of motion is always a good idea anyway so if this applies to you, you may see you hip hinging patterns improve as well.

Here’s a quick reminder on how to do the hockey and tac frog mobilities:

We’ll be addressing the overhead version of the double kettlebell turkish get-up on the quick and dirty as well. That version is very difficult to perform correctly. Even for high level movers, attention to detail and excellent shoulder and thoracic mobility are prerequisites along with midline rib flare control. I’ll post up a different set of joint preps to go along with that version of the movement.

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