Sports Chiropractor Seattle

Moving your whole body well isn't only for athletes.  Your body is an efficient machine.  It specializes at whatever you train it to do.  Most of us train our bodies to sit in chairs for hours every day.  That means that whether you squat down to pick up your car keys, or you squat big weights, your movement patterns are determined by your lifestyle.  Having a trusted professional who is trained in detecting and manually correcting the movement patterns of your spine returns your balance and full ranges of motion.

Patients have a lot of options when it comes to selecting a Sport Medicine Chiropractor in Seattle.  What distinguishes the style of treatment at Sports Medicine Northwest from a traditional chiropractor is the emphasis on teaching the patient about their body and how it moves.  We provide our patients with simple stretches and corrective exercises to prepare them for daily movement and athletic performance.  Our patients are not dependent upon regular adjustments to be pain-free.  They depend on us to help them move and feel their best.