Stem Cell Injections at Sports Medicine Northwest

Are you a candidate for our regenerative medicine program?  CLICK HERE for a complimentary consult and assessment with Dr. Pond to find out.

Patients seeking non surgical relief from knee, hip, and shoulder pain now have multiple clinic options for stem cell treatments.  The approach to regenerative medicine here at Sports Medicine Northwest is designed to be a cut above the rest.  It is no longer necessary to travel to Europe or Panama for alternatives to surgery and pain killers for degenerated joints and ligaments.  The best materials and professionals available in the industry are now available for our patients here in West Seattle.

Regenerative Medicine is the the use of platelet rich plasmas, exasomes, and stem cells to change healing in ways previously not possible.  It is the future of medicine.



You need to know THREE THINGS about regenerative medicine:


  1. If you are considering stem cell and regenerative therapies, SMNW is the best location for these services
  2. If you do not know if regenerative medicine is right for you, come to a free lecture and discussion on the topic and see if it is right for you.  It will be a great opportunity to see the new facility.
  3. Regenerative Medicine involves safe procedures that get results never seen before in medicine.


We do things one way in this clinic; the best, or not at all.  Our approach to regenerative medicine is no exception. We have launched the premier location to provide the strongest, safest, and most effective regenerative treatments in Seattle.


I don’t care who your alternative providers are.  We are the best. If the Seattle Seahawks team doctor has a regenerative treatment, ours is superior.  If Pete Carroll himself wants to treat your injury using Russell Wilson’s own stem cells, turn Pete down.  Come to us. We have the best materials. We have the most experienced staff to deliver them.

PRP Shoulder Injection at Sports Medicine Northwest

PRP Shoulder Injection at Sports Medicine Northwest

Here’s how we did it:


  1. We hired the most experienced Regenerative Medicine practitioner in the city.  She’s the best. “She says she’s in the top 4.” Very humble. For the past 8 years Robin Benn has been the lead practitioner at one of Seattle’s top Regenerative Medicine clinics.  
  2. We do the due diligence for you and we take that roll seriously.  If we order a product from a laboratory, we spare no expense.  We only use reputable labs with the verifiable products.  This is not the cheapest or easiest lab to use. It is the best. They provide third party verification of the viability of their cell lines.  They are serious. So are we.
  3. Regenerative medicine therapy is effective but you will only realize the potential of the treatment in the proper context of rehab, and nutrition guidance.  We provide that in our system as well.


Thank you for your time and hope to see you soon at Sports Medicine Northwest in the new West Seattle location!

Wondering if you are a candidate for a successful regenerative medicine protocol here at our Clinic?  CLICK HERE for a complimentary assessment and consult with Dr. Pond to find out.