Sports Chiropractor Shoulder Rehab Seattle

My favorite hobbies of crossfit, kettlebelling, tussling my children and moving my patients can be hard on the body. Especially with a history of a torn right labrum. See LINK. I understand the importance of ongoing shoulder stability rehab as well as anybody. Life and training do get busy so it is critical to integrate shoulder rehab as seamlessly as possible into your existing strength training and accessory work. This modified banded face pull is best used as a series of long fast reps not to exceed 100 total. Add this in after max effort shoulder training days and see your shoulders recover faster and your lifts improve.

Dr. Pond wearing two hats as team physician and competitor in events 1&2 of the 2015 Crossfit Games West Super Regionals. Skip to 1:11:20 for the deadlift / syncro pull-up event then to 2:52:10 for the power snatch/rope climb/ thruster event. After day 1 we’re holding on to a top 10 placement. Two days to go.

Whens searching for a good Seattle Crossfit Chiropractor you’ll find that there are several great Seattle Sports Chiropractors out there. Here’s one putting the biomechanics he preaches to the test.