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Sandbag Squat For Youth Strength and Conditioning

This version of the Sandbag Squat can be used for strength work in a Greyskull LP fashion with one weight across a 5,5,5+ set.  Also use it in a conditioning context by using this grip as a weighted carry 50 feet directly into a set of 10 Sandbag Goblet Squats and returning for a round.  5 rounds.  Rest as needed between rounds.


Sandbag Cleans – Explosive Power for youth athletes

The sandbag clean is an accessible and effective alternative to our typically programmed barbell and kettlebell cleans and snatches.  Explosive hip extension is the cornerstone of the rugby tackle, football tackle, the vertical leap and in the force generator through the stance leg in kicking in sports such as soccer.

Emphasize two speeds in this movement:

First- “Lap” the sandbag by pulling it past the knees and into the hips.

Second- Propel the bag to the shoulders with an explosive extension of the hips through the bag.

You can go “touch and go” as demonstrated above, or drop from the top.